The Weekend Read: Mar 27

My kids tried to turn these in for Ether-eggs

My kids tried to turn these in for Ether-eggs


I hope that everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weekend. Due to the light news week and the Easter meal honey-do list awaiting your author, we will egg-roll with a quick hit link list. Enjoy.

  • Linux Foundation Hyperledger Hackathon: please check out the Github wiki for updates on this week's event. CoinDesk review here. Also released: new Hyperledger whitepaper (mainly based on the IBM OBC whitepaper). Hackathon review deck here. As with any open source project, having a wide distribution of voices heard is EXTREMELY important for the long term success of the project, so please check out the community page to find out how you can participate.




  • International Securities Association For Institutional Trade Communication (ISITC) event. Thanks for the invite!