The Weekend Read: June 5

1. Mike Hearn's Post

Mike's post counters a point from Fred Ersham's post last week as a launching point to discuss developer issues across Bitcoin, Ethereum, and private ledgers such as Corda alike.

If we as an industry misunderstand the pain points in developing decentralised financial applications then we won’t be able to fix them.

2. WSJ "What is a Bank?" Series

The series looks at the rise of the megabank, and also has several pieces by different thought-leaders including Chris Larsen of Ripple on the role of, and future of, banks.

3. Cryptocurrency Update

DAO cracks the top five cryptocurrencies.  WSJ writes an article on 5/30 on the recent Bitcoin price surge, and buying pressure from China...the price ripped up another 10% from that price. The ETH-BTC friends-or-foes debate.

The CFTC establishes jurisdiction over Bitfinex.

4. R3 News

Coindesk speaks with Tim Swanson about the Ethereum platform review by Vitalik Buterin.  Hong Kong insurance giant AIA joins the consortium.  A profile on R3's relationship with Ping An.  Lastly, watch Lee Braine's presentation on smart contract templates.