Chain Interoperability

One of the common requests we have received from our members over the past year has been: in an environment in which there are multiple different blockchains and distributed ledgers in use by various organizations, how can they interoperate?

We took this question and commissioned a paper with Vitalik Buterin who provided a survey of several current and proposed interop solutions.  We also asked Nigel King and Ross Nicoll from the R3 London office to put together a short view point and summary of Buterin's survey.

Below are the finished documents originally sent to our members this past September.  Distributed got a first look of it a couple weeks ago and put together a short article on the paper as well.

Chain Interoperability: R3 Viewpoint

Nigel King and Ross Nicoll


Chain Interoperability: Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin