The Weekend Read: May 21

A Retirement (of sorts)

Welcome to one of the final installments of the now quite-irregular Weekend Read. I will be mothballing this blog series in the coming weeks due to the fact that I am clearly too biased to write a mostly-neutral news summary.

When this series began back almost two and a half years ago (featuring perhaps the best meme I ever found), we at R3 (with 'we' being only me, Dave and Jesse!) and many in the financial services industry were in 'explore mode'...trying to make sense of all things DLT. Fast forward to today, and those many months of exploration have clearly led us and our customers to decide that Corda is the answer for financial services, and potentially for all of commerce. That well earned bias has made it harder and harder to share and comment on the other efforts in the industry in an even-handed way.

But fret not! If you would like to be kept up to date on the news items of the day, please contact us as we are in the midst of putting together a more frequent whiz-bang newsletter for sharing useful links to our wider community.

Speaking of the R3 community, please reach out to our Partner team if you would like to join our ever-growing community of builders on Corda. We would love to have a conversation to show how you can build value and get to market with your applications (CorDapps). Or just head over to corda.net and get started! But don't just take it from us...stop by this Wednesday at Consensus for a panel called Building on Corda, where you can hear directly from partners like Cognizant and Calypso Technologies on what they are building, and the flexible models they have on how they will be going to market. (Spoiler Alert: unlike other platforms out there, we aren't requiring partners to deploy their apps on a single "Mainframe-Cloud" network...)

Lots and Lots of Links

Here is an incomplete eight week inventory of links to help clear my Pocket queue:


Coining it

Old School


Opinions etc