The Weekend Read: August 9

1. Smart Contracts and Smart Securities In light of the Ethereum Frontier Launch, this blog post on Smart Contracts, starts with R3 Advisor, Richard Gendal Brown’s definition of Smart Contracts and breaks it down to highlights its features and characteristics.

This June, Symboint received $1.25 million from investors for its work towards ‘Smart Securities’. On Tuesday, Symboint published its equity investments, and the founders’ stakes and the employees’ options and equity to the Bitcoin Blockchain.

2. Mercer Capital’s Value Focus: Fintech Industry

Mercer Capital’s Quarterly Fintech Report reflects the steady growth of Fintech companies, reporting that Fintech outperformed the broader markets in the first half of 2015. Fintech companies focused on Payments and Solutions had a higher return than those focused on Technology.

3. More Blockchain Love

Arthur Breitman’s post What do Blockchains Accomplish addresses the fact that while the blockchain can solve many problems, not all of the ways it can be applied are useful:

It is quite straightforward to implement such a system using a single database, and many such implementations are available. If we wished to operate a decentralized forum, it might seem logical to implement it by treating a blockchain powered decentralized ledger as a database. However, examining the nature of a decentralized forum reveals that it derives few or no benefits from such an implementation.

What characterizes a blockchain algorithm is essentially the procedure by which it picks the consensus representing the branch

Blockchains aren’t merely distributed databases. They are a data structure which can be used to represent a shared, mutable, singleton. Shared because multiple parties can access it, mutable because they may modify it, and singleton because there is exactly one such value.