The Weekend Read: June 12

This week's edition is brought to you by R3's Jo Lang How I imagine mining looks like on the blockchain

Sidechains: Bitcoin 2.5?
Sidechains - the biggest release in bitcoin since well…Bitcoin. October 2014, the team over at Blockstream teased us with the release of their white paper. And now the first version has been released! It has already been covered by WSJ and TechCrunch along with all of the usual suspects. Rather than me try to do it justice, check out Greg Maxwell’s video (and his beard).
For us mere mortals, Richard Gendal Brown provides a quick but very helpful overview of the release and its potential benefits and implications for both bitcoin and wider blockchain development. In particular he highlights the potential for on-chain asset issuance as well as, and perhaps more interesting to some, the potential for confidential transactions.
Color [coin] me excited!
For such a small country, Estonia is certainly making an impression within the global fintech community. Last year they were one of the first nations to begin to implement a global digital identity scheme . This past week Estonia’s LHV Bank announced not only the Cuber Wallet app (enables users to send and receive euros free of charge) but also that they have partnered with ChromaWay AB to experiment with the creation of a digital security on colored coin technology.
We’re actually not so different after all
First it was Bitcoin and now its Blockchain - its the buzzword that means too many things to too many people and as a result has the potential to divide colleagues, friends, and even families. When in fact, our friend Richard Brown (who else?) explains that by stripping down the blockchain to what it is - a shared, replicated ledger - we can see that perhaps we are all working towards the same vision:
"A world where business logic for money – automated fiduciary code, if you like – is deployed to a shared ledger and run autonomously."
And for Extra Credit...
And for those of you hiding out with a turbo-powered air conditioner and need some extra reading, Lloyds has published a 31-pager explaining why "Bitcoin will always be risky".