The Weekend Read: June 28

For this weekend's edition I wanted to highlight a single entry: Tim Swanson's presentation from his appearance yesterday at Blockchain University entitled The Distributed Ledger Landscape: Who is developing shared, replicated ledgers and whyThis is due in large part to Tim doing a great job with his deck, but also due to my time-consuming role this weekend of kid-wrangler during a family wedding...

The entire presentation is worth the read, but for those looking for highlights, Tim lays out a succinct argument within the first 16 slides on how the use cases for financial institutions don't really overlap with the key value proposition of Bitcoin over distributed ledgers: censorship resistance.

Screenshot 2015-06-28 10.42.13

Bonus story: shout out to the LiquidityEdge team for their recent announcement in Bloomberg: LiquidityEdge Wants to Help Little Guy in U.S. Treasuries Market