The Weekend Read: May 29

queen-bitcoin 1. Necker Island Report

R3 Advisor Dr. Patrick Deegan sent me the following field report from his hardship posting on Branson Beach (for a fuller rundown you can read Marc van der Chijs' postings here and here):

One of the capstone moments: I was asked to co-host a Skype call with Lucy Liu to offer to her that a blockchain based self sovereign identity system could have significant impact in helping to register children in developing countries as a way of protecting them. It is one of her projects to bring awareness to such undocumented children. Plus, I got to hang with Hernando de Soto and Marshall Thurber (a Buckminster Fuller futurist), which was mind blowing.

2. EBA Talks Our Book

Vincent Brennan, head of group payments and operations at the Bank of Ireland and chairman of the EBA Working Group, gives a brief interview here on the recent work done by the EBA. You can skip to the 2:37 mark to hear the money quote:

We see [the blockchain] as a technology that while relatively novel and new is one that if you look into two years, five years or 10 years, would be very important for banks and now is the time to start understanding it and looking at what its opportunities could be.

The paper that he references is Cryptotechnologies, a major IT innovation and catalyst for change, which we have highlighted previously and is worth a read in full (don't worry, it is packed with pictures).

3. Point/Counterpoint

A quick run thru the rest of the week's stories, from both sides of the aisle.

Summers Joins Ex-Citigroup Co-CEO Reed, Hock as Xapo Advisers

...and the always entertaining Izabella Kaminska chimes in with some historical context/snark: "We’ll give Summers the benefit of the doubt and assume the logic is that if you can’t fight new fangled bubbles you might as well sit on the advisory boards of the companies pumping them so as to advise and steer them? Who knows."

Bitcoin Might Be The Next Big Thing In The Remittance Market (!)

...or maybe not

The Business Imperative Behind the Ethereum Vision: a very interesting but lengthy and dense piece from William Mougayar that attempts to unpack the narrative behind Ethereum's potential

...pair with INTHEOREUM, the (fake) new ultra-centralized coin which "allow people all over the world to conduct transactions, by placing their trust in one man, Bob"

The Death of Bitcoin by Tony Arcieri was probably the best thing I read all week, but it did get a bit hard for your author to follow towards the end

...luckily I found this video to help answer all my questions.