The Weekend Read (Year in Review): Dec 20

Gratuitous Star Wars reference

Gratuitous Star Wars reference

1. Blockchain Collaboration: Open Source and more

The Linux Foundation this week announced a collaborative open source effort focused on delivering an enterprise grade blockchain base layer fit for purpose for business. We at R3 are pleased to participate, as both a founding member and key voice in the formation group, as this Linux-led collaboration fits well within our wider open source strategy.

McKinsey this week released a report entitled Beyond the hype: Blockchains in capital markets

Distributed ledgers, or blockchains, have the potential to dramatically reshape the capital markets industry, with significant impact on business models, reductions in risk and savings of cost and capital.

The full report can be requested here. The main take away was that the potential for shared ledgers will only be unlocked when they are shared widely "through cooperation among market participants, regulators and technologists." To that end, we have announced 12 additional banks to our group and our intention to expand our engagement to other financial markets sectors.

2. (Some) Weekend Read Highlights from 2015

As this will be our final post of 2015, I decided to take a quick look back at some of the favorite articles that we shared in our (mostly) weekly postings. The review itself reminded me once again how quickly things move and, honestly, how little we know collectively on where it all will end up. Enjoy the below, have a great holiday and thanks for reading. -Todd

General Blockchain Articles

Fedcoin et al.

Other Required Readings