The Weekend Read: Valentine's Day

And Lo! A Rutter brought forth The Words of The Swanson (see article)

And Lo! A Rutter brought forth The Words of The Swanson (see article)

1. (D)App Store

FoTWR Alex Batlin has a thought provoking post on the potential evolution of smart contracts where the protocol and business logic are separated (i.e., Ethereum and its ilk). This is a topic that we have been discussing quite a bit internally and one which our newest team member Kathleen Breitman will expand on in the coming days. Alex does a great jonb in framing out possible market models as well as being candid that the introduction of business logic into such a protocol will inevitably (and rightly) introduce some level of trust into the system:

Based on that assessment, we may end up with a DApp Store model where folks purchase a licence to deploy an instance of a well written, standards compliant, tested and proven DApp onto a blockchain. This however implies that the DApp creator does not provide operational guarantees, so who does?
There are parallels today e.g. iOS developers rely on Apple to provide the device, the OS and the App Store, and both rely on the broadband and mobile internet service providers (ISPs) to provide connectivity, but none of them guarantee entire front to back service to the app user.
Conclusion therefore is that a new type of entity is required – a blockchain service provider (BSP).

2. Blockchain 90210

We were thankfully treated to a lighter news week, giving everyone a chance to catch up on the recent deluge of white papers published in January. Instead we have a selection of articles that are less New Yorker and more US Weekly.

First up, there seems to be a resolution to the Ripple-Jed McCaleb break-up and subsequent XRP sale "crime of passion," with Jed maintaining ownership of his coins but agreeing to a strict sale schedule overseen by Ripple. Both sides have claimed victory and hope to move on. Next up, the "he said, he said" Bitcoin block size slow motion train wreck continues, with this article giving a good overview.

...and finally, we have a front runner for most overheated blockchain headline of 2016: How fire departments can use Bitcoin technology. It is official: BLOCKCHAIN SAVES LIVES!