The Weekend Read: May 8

Happy Mother's Day to all. My gift to my wife is this abbreviated posting (which may be a gift to the readers as well...)

This past week, we witnessed a spectacle that few ever thought they would see, and it all seemed to play out over an excruciating period of time. I am talking of course about Bartolo Colon's first home run at the age of 42 (and the weight of ten men) and his subsequent home run 'trot' around the bases.

There was also some news about Satoshi.

Most of this week's updates came from Consensus 2016, as many companies and consultants used the showcase to announce initiatives, deals and partnerships. The event wrapped up with what was framed as a debate between Bitcoin and not-Bitcoin, represented by 21.co's Balaji Srinivasan and R3's David Rutter. Yet the 'suits vs hoodies' event became a bit of a love-in, as Balaji threw compliments instead of shade on the recent blog post from Richard Brown, while Dave complimented Bitcoin as an inspiration, even if he doesn't know where his private keys are (nice diversion Dave, we know you carry around that titanium briefcase handcuffed to your wrist with all your paper backups for a reason).

Meanwhile, the Ethereum speculative market continues, as the Winklevii announce that they have shipped in a "material" amount of Ether ahead of adding it to their Gemini exchange. Speaking of speculation...nothing like an unregulated capital raise (aka crowdfunding) to get those speculative juices flowing! The DAO takes down 3% of the Ether float (and counting) for their version of tokenized Shark Tank. Holy moly.

As a palate cleanser, please enjoy the latest posting from David Andolfatto called Monetary policy implications of blockchain technology:

The existing structure of money and payments (including central bank design) was built for the pre-Internet world. The world is now changed and we must deal with it. Among other things, there is no reason why, in principle, central banks could not offer online digital money accounts for the public.

Amen. Enjoy the weekend.