The Weekend Read: July 10

Hey Bae Readers, welcome to The Weekend Read. Oh sorry, I was using my "Intern Recruitment" template from Microsoft...if you haven't seen their recruitment strategy for "Interapalooza" you should check it out. Its so turnt that its on fleek.

1. Blockchain Speed Round

Due to the late filing of this post, let's go for a quick run thru the links:

What’s in a Name? — The Disambiguation of Smart Contracts by Anthony Macey. Nice rundown of the challenges bridging the legal prose and code worlds. I especially liked his 5 point list of what a "contract" could mean.

How Distributed Ledgers Impact Post-Trade in a Dodd-Frank World:

While two parties can benefit from a shared ledger and a single smart contract, the true benefit of these technologies will not be realized until they are widely adopted. For example, regulator access into a permissioned distributed ledger will be most helpful when the regulator can view an entire market or at least a broad cross-section of that market, seeing the same data fields for each transaction.

5 Things We Learned From Analysing the Location of 950+ Blockchain Startups. Mainly included so I could include this pic. I find it oddly soothing, like an Eric Carle illustration. Maybe "The Hungry Little Blockchain"

Bitcoin Halvening happened this week. Much like the new fave expressions of "The Youngs," I have no idea how to pronounce this word. Set your Bitcoin Clocks for the next halvening party at the moontower on July 6th, 2020...

Shout out to Richard Brown as a co-author with Dave Birch and Salome Parulava on their "Towards Ambient Accounting" paper:

And finally, a nice article on R3 in Fortune this week that gives some context to the design choices of Corda to be more applicable to the realities of market dynamics. It also provides the scoop that our NY office meeting rooms are indeed (for now) named after Top Gun characters.