The Weekend Read: May 1


A quick link version of the weekend read, both due to the inordinate amount of smart folks posting this week and my overcrowded flight boarding in about 10 minutes.

1.  Smart folks writing about digital currency, trust and other things that sometimes make my head hurt

How To Explain The Value Of Replicated, Shared Ledgers From First Principles by Richard Brown

What Has Been The Reaction To Permissioned Distributed Ledgers? By Tim Swanson

Visions, Part 2: The Problem of Trust by Vitalik Buterin

The Sum of All Chains - Let's Converge! By Ian Grigg

How Bitcoin Is Like SMTP by Joel Monegro


2.  Companies in the News

Overstock Files to Offer Stock That Works Like Bitcoin from Wired

Western Union 'Exploring' Pilot Program With Ripple Labs in CoinDesk (pair with: Western Union: 'Too Early' to Discuss Ripple Labs Pilot Project)


3.  Odds and Ends

Nice short read: In Code We Trust in NY Times

Nice identity read: Identity Is Broken — Can Banks Fix It? In American Banker

Really long but entertaining read: The Untold Story of Silk Road in Wired