The Weekend Read: Jan 10


1. The Ultimate List of Bitcoin and Blockchain White Papers

Great find by Jesse that collates many of the major white papers and articles regarding bitcoin and the various projects and efforts that have stemmed from its development

2. Bitcoin: Technical Background and Data Analysis (staff working paper by the Federal Reserve Board)

More interesting due to its authors than the content, although they do a very good job of covering the basics. But I did like that they focused on the protocol, as they:

"highlight the use of cryptography for the purposes of transaction security and distributed maintenance of a ledger."

3. CoinDesk State of Bitcoin 2015

4. Bitcoin: The Magic of Mining by The Economist

The article does a fine job in covering a lot of the challenges and opportunities within mining and bitcoin in a very short space. Their conclusion:

"Where all this may lead to is a constellation of linked crypto-currencies and blockchains, with all sorts of uses: stores of value, means of exchange, mechanisms for transferring assets and verifying transactions, whatever. The original bitcoin may remain at the centre of this constellation—or not. Whether its price recovers from last year’s slump may not matter. Whoever and wherever he is, Mr Nakamoto can be proud of having unleashed a wave of financial innovation, and founded what looks set to become a sizeable new branch of the global IT industry."

5. ICYMI: Articles on the foundational aspects of the blockchain, which are all worth a read in full:

Joel Monegro of USV introducing the blockchain application stack, and expanding on the shared data layer within that stack.

Albert Wenger of USV introducing a powerfully simple model for how to understand decentralization and the Bitcoin blockchain:

blockchain matrix
blockchain matrix

My man Richard Gendal Brown expands on the above (and more) in his post on making sense of the (seemingly infinite) number of blockchain/ledger projects underway.

and finally...

6. “Bitcoin of X” is the newest lazy way to describe your startup

"So be careful next time you call your startup the “bitcoin” of whatever. It probably isn’t. And even if it is, that could well mean your idea, while interesting, is far too ahead of its time to take over the world."

Enjoy the weekend.